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2014-10-05 19:06:37 by tehslaphappy

i ain't doing shit but gettin' fucked with tha boiz.



Here's an ACTUAL real life update since I'm here: I got two jobs now, but they are pretty cool and not that too stressful, plus hella $$$ is coming in (TO BE DETERMINED). Can't really grow facial hair, that kinda sucks. I got a haircut for the first time in like 3 years and the barber I had didn't cut my hair how I wanted him to. I told him I got this job at a hotel and he was all like "yooo dat hair gots 2 go lil niga u aint gon' get a job with dat haircut" even though I already got the job. Then this barber fucking shaves part of my psuedo-mustache off. Ugh, I hate haircuts.

I've been hanging out downtown and drinking a lot more. I used to not do that, but now I'm just like FUCKITMANE. Whenever I get drunk, I spend way too much money on people and things I shouldn't spend money on. I ended up spending too much money on somebody that clearly wanted nothing to do with me, but that it's own story for a whole other newspost.

I hate clubs, I've learned. The first time I ever went to a club, this lady looked me up and down and then put up these two fingers that her body molded together since she was a baby, and then shoved me with ZERO motivation. I didn't like that at all. Fuck that lady.

I feel like this Halloween coming up is going to be the first one that I'll be able to go out and do stuff. Kinda stoked about that. Got ripped off at this show I hosted last night which I was very against but still had a fun time. I'm just rambling now. 

I think I'm gonna actually start using this shit as a blog. Maybe. Whatever who cares. 

catch ya'll around.



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2014-10-05 20:36:00


tehslaphappy responds:

just killed the club sandwich.


2014-10-05 20:41:31

also wocka flocka a ddbz n***a smh

tehslaphappy responds:

ayy lmao


2014-10-13 08:44:12

i care

Sorry about your hair

tehslaphappy responds:



2014-10-29 15:14:27


holy shit that beat is amazing props to whoever mike is. your flow is perfect for that beat lmao im about to download it and it'll be all over my last.fm...

anyway i feel you on the drinking and spending money on ungrateful hoes. im about to quit my job because i fell in love with one of my managers and now its just drama cause i cant ask her out cause if it goes wrong then everyone will know and i will be even less inclined to wake up let alone ride my bike to work

sick snaps btw. we should make a song :)))))))))))))))

tehslaphappy responds:

You should check out Heems from Das Racist mixtape "Nehru Jackets", it's entirely produced by him. Or just check the instrumentals if you aren't that into him.



also CAPS reunion tour 2040.


2014-11-26 01:53:08

how did your nerd self get a photo with a hip hop rapper artist man?

tehslaphappy responds:

n*gga we made it


2015-03-18 16:06:53



2015-04-14 03:04:40

You're free to turn in your race card at any time.

tehslaphappy responds:

aren't you dead?


2015-05-12 20:09:18

You're in the same situation as me with 2 jobs, but minus the drinking plus school.

tehslaphappy responds:

That sounds like a completely different situation then.


2015-06-08 12:35:41

I swear, you can be concise and detailed as possible with what you want at the barbers and they'll still turn around and go; "NO, this is what i'm going to do, and this is really what you want."

Crazy barber bastards.

(Updated ) tehslaphappy responds:

i'm never getting my haircut again.

also lee, you arent dead???


2015-06-24 09:13:56

oh shit when did you become a mod, dude (haven't been on NG in centuries pls no kill)

tehslaphappy responds:

i stole it