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An epic tale told beautifully...

I cried, this was so dramatic and edgy, I thought it would never end. Sadly, this tale came to a shocking end and left me wanting more.

Thank you for this flash. Bravo!

Timmy responds:

And so it begins...

This movie taught me a lot.

The penis is undoubtedly huge, and Wooden obviously does not give not one fuck about anything. This has made me a better man. To walk the streets with my genitals out and not care about anyone!

Thank you Catobleper.


Luis's expressions are always the highlight of my day. :3

Oliver responds:

What expressions?
He only has one and it's the one in this flash.

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Hey, I tested this game!

Seems like it came out excellent, sad you couldn't find a sponsor though. Love what it has become. It's so much nicer and smoother now from the original. Great work K-G, now let's work on our game. ;)

Nice work homie!

K-Guare responds:

Lol, true true. We really need to work on that. ;)
Thanks TSH <3

Hawt shit.

I'm gonna start making contests now.


Kevin responds:


Never thought I'd say this about a dress-up game..

but bravo! This was the most original dress up game ever! I had so many different options to choose from. Plus the secret was hilarious. Keep up the good work Kevn.


Kevin responds:


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wack. shitty. like you guys didnt even try to take this song seriously.

like this if u still support REAL HIP HOP in 2k15

wack af smh "HEEEYYY HOOOOO"

fuk u man this shit is GARBAGE

teddygram, your beets are banging like always. I really want to rap collab with you dawg nahmeen, but you know it's whatevah. Keep bangin' beets.

Is this the sample that DOOM used for Hoe Cakes? If so, great use of it dawg.

teddygram responds:

thanks brah. it is the very same

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hi mom, thanks for drawing me. i am proud that this art piece shows the struggle of the black man in social media. it expresses how a brotha can't get ahead in the white man's word, not even on the internet.


JohnnyUtah responds:

keep up the good fight my dark brother


word to motha.

So much more there should be to this. I love it though. There's so much potential in this. I'm gonna favorite this because I can. You are a hero.

for tha hood.

GeraldoBean responds:

next time i will try harder. thank you for believing in me, nigguh

PPGs fo lyfe!

This would make an awesome t-shirt. Can't believe you just did this out of boredom. Not a lot to say about this, I really like it being a fan of the PowerPuff Girls from back in the day. Great work here.

POWER PUFF do do dew dew da dooooooo.

PixelCake responds:

I dunno, printing a pattern that complex would take forever XD thank you!

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