Entry #479


2016-05-09 17:04:58 by tehslaphappy

I went to Pico Day for the first time and it's cool to finally meet some of the people that I've been insulting online for a long time. I had to take my first ever plane trip to the event and maaaaaaaaan I was scared as a baby. It was kool tho. I'm gonna upload some pics, I wish I would have taken more.

If I met you at Pico Day, I was the one with 18 different name tags on. SORRY LOL. 

Hopefully I'll see you guys again!

(also sorry for the sideways pics, idk how to change it :c)





the moral of this trip is I should stop drinking probably lmao.


until next time u buttsucks.


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2016-05-09 17:13:00

you are a cool dude!

tehslaphappy responds:

I love you mike. always and forever.


2016-05-09 21:26:34

It was great to meet you finally!

tehslaphappy responds:

For sure! Until the next time hombre!


2016-05-09 21:34:13

Why are all your goddamn pictures sideways!?

tehslaphappy responds:

I don't know! In the folders on my computer they are right side up. I'm gonna see what I can do.


2016-05-09 21:37:57

Sidways pics are cancer! jk :3

tehslaphappy responds:

i mean they are tho


2016-05-09 22:19:22

luh u bb <3

tehslaphappy responds:

<3 sorry I didn't talk to ya long. but awesome seeing you!


2016-05-09 23:40:24

Was great to meet you after all these years! I was tempted to ask you to do some of your stand-up but didn't want to put you on the spot.

tehslaphappy responds:

Absolutely! That's totally fine lol, I probably would have done it if I wasn't so wildin' there. Maybe next time!


2016-05-10 10:45:23

good to finally meet you! Youre like a cartoon character i love it

tehslaphappy responds:

it's always been my dream to be the first in real life cartoon.


2016-05-10 11:18:23

U should come round my parts some time if u ain't a fuccboi an get LITTTTTT for real

Haha jk I don't drink

tehslaphappy responds:

it was great 2 get FUCKED wit da boys NG OFFICE style


2016-05-10 18:21:53

You've got some spirit in you man. Was fun meeting you!

tehslaphappy responds:

Same to you dude! Hope you had a great time in amerika


2016-05-11 01:53:16

Lucky bugger!

tehslaphappy responds:

it can happen for you!


2016-05-13 23:11:29

Stop drinking alcohol either you're gonna die or I'm gonna verbally slaughter you into your grave

tehslaphappy responds:

i die either way!