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I got a text from her after talking on the phone about nothing for a hour and 30 minutes saying the following:

'Night [insert my last name]...dream of my penis, and it'll dream about you...LOL.'


She's awesome.


2009-05-15 16:18:05 by tehslaphappy

How's it going?

I see you looking at my profile.

You see me looking at yours.


Congrats Twilight!

2009-05-14 22:25:23 by tehslaphappy

http://tehslaphappy.newgrounds.com/new s/post/311990

Wish a congrazz to Twilight for guessing what four things I changed on my page.

I changed my profile pic, my gender, my website, and blurb. You win...

What does Twilight win? He wins his own movie. That's right, I'm making a movie just for Twilight.

congrazz fag.


Want to win something?

2009-05-14 20:04:58 by tehslaphappy

All you have to name the all four things I changed on my page.

What do you win? Don't worry about it for now.



This is a useless post.

2009-05-13 19:12:40 by tehslaphappy

.tsop sselesu a si sihT

Flash CS3

2009-05-12 18:52:57 by tehslaphappy

I got it.

Thanks Kev.

ohai poozy.

2009-05-10 22:47:57 by tehslaphappy

didn't see you there.

Cry Now.

2009-05-10 14:16:46 by tehslaphappy

Just don't get water on the carpet.

For Kevn.

2009-05-09 19:39:21 by tehslaphappy

Regarding the Stamper game, it was all Kevn's idea.

Kevn programmed the game.
Luis did the majority of the art.
I did the bees, menu buttons, and menu song.

Kevn did most of the work with the coding. This was KEVN'S GAME. Not mine.


My Girlfriend...

2009-05-09 15:30:53 by tehslaphappy

is awesome.

My Girlfriend...