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Damn Hard Drive!

2007-11-17 18:12:39 by tehslaphappy

Man, I've had my comp broke for the past month and I just got it back. Lost all my previous movies and that really sucks.

So sups?


2007-10-13 00:48:38 by tehslaphappy

My flash just passed! So I am gonna commit to making movies! :D

P.S. I just wanted to let you know.

Woo.......finally got my page together!!

2007-08-20 20:46:00 by tehslaphappy

Took awhile but I finally got it. My god, my first post as news and I doubt anyone will see it.

Well, I am currently working on a new animation, looking for a new voice actor. Any takers?

Well thats it. Bai!