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I did stand up again.

2011-08-13 21:23:11 by tehslaphappy


George Carlin.

2011-08-02 22:11:12 by tehslaphappy

Time for another comedian of the month. This time it's one of the greatest comedians of all time, the famous/infamous George Carlin. Carlin is known for his philosophic-like thoughts on religion, words you can say on television, and humanity itself. Not only has Carlin been a fantastic comedian, but he's also been a major influence on other comedians as well. Go buy Carlin's last and final stand up special, "It's Bad For Ya".

Some Videos I Guess:


Fuck you I'm not doing anything interesting.


George Carlin.

You have disappointed me.


don't look at this newspost.


2011-07-11 00:11:04 by tehslaphappy

Fuck you all.

I quit Newgrounds.

Amy Schumer.

2011-07-01 00:38:45 by tehslaphappy

Month of the comedian this month's Amy Schumer is. Now before you get all 'women aren't funny and they should only belong in the kitchen lolz!!!!', Amy Schumer is one of the few female comedians to make me laugh. I was listening to her new stand up CD, Cutting, and found myself laughing at almost all the bits from each track. To quote Bees: 'she's like the average female comic, but she does it where she's being sneaky and not a cunt.' or something, I wasn't paying attention. So go buy her CD Cutting is stores online and probably offline if you look hard enough.



So in other news, my birthday is coming up and I don't know what to do. Recommend me something to do, that'd be swell. I want to animate something this month and make some more music and what not, but let's take it a day at a time.

That's all for now.

i hate my face

2011-06-29 23:23:49 by tehslaphappy

see you when july starts!

Some Faces.

2011-06-15 16:59:12 by tehslaphappy

I make some faces.

I used this song.

How are you guys doing?

I made this song this morning.

Louis C.K.

2011-06-01 04:16:36 by tehslaphappy

This month's comedian is Louis CK.

If you haven't heard of Louis CK, where have you been? Louis CK is one of the greatest comedian around today. Some even want to compare him to the late George Carlin. His humor is based on his brutally honest opinion of his kids, his divorce, and of course himself. Everyone should check out his series on FX 'Louie.'. The new season is premiering this month on the 23rd. Go pick up his CD/DVD 'Hilarious.'

Video Commence:


uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm not doing anything important. Watch my latest flash. It's coooooooooool.


Louis C.K.

fukin' stoked.

my birthday is going to be depressing.

watch this.

2011-05-21 21:34:53 by tehslaphappy


Ruined your day.

watch this.