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2011-05-19 17:34:40 by tehslaphappy

I need to animate more.

I did stand up.

2011-05-13 01:27:04 by tehslaphappy

Tell me what you think.

Going to do stand up Thursday...

2011-05-07 21:22:41 by tehslaphappy


Should be fun. I'll see if I can get the entire show recorded. I might just bring my laptop and live stream it. WHO KNOWS.

Here's what happened when I did stand up last time:

Wish me luck.

Chris Rock.

2011-05-01 01:23:08 by tehslaphappy

This month's comedian of the month goes to Chris Rock.

Chris Rock is an amazing comedian. Not only is he funny, but he's highly intelligent. Even though he's hilarious, he's also followed by controversy. One of the many comedians I look up to. He's certainly has came a long way from where he used to be. I hope to see more of Chris Rock's work in the future, so go buy his "Cheese & Crackers: Greatest Bits" CD. Has some great ones on there.

Now vidz.


Not a lot to update on, summer is about to be back in so hopefully I'll be animating and doing other productive things like I want to do. I'm still trying to do stand up, next time I'm doing it is May 12th, so that'll be fun. If you didn't see me do it last time, click this to see me suck.

See ya.

Chris Rock.

Stand Up.

2011-04-15 07:11:18 by tehslaphappy

Chris Is Lame.

New Flash.

2011-04-08 20:13:47 by tehslaphappy


go watch it.

Dane Cook.

2011-04-01 17:20:52 by tehslaphappy

This month's comedian is no other than funny man, one of the best comedians ever, Dane Cook.

Dane Cook is one of the best comedians. His delivery is great as well as every original, thought out punchline in his set. Honestly, I want to become just like Dane Cook when I grow up. An amazing, talented comedian. Go buy his new album I Did My Best - Greatest Hits. You won't regret it.

now vidz.



Dane Cook.


2011-03-18 20:44:19 by tehslaphappy

...just don't understand.


Anthony Jeselnik.

2011-02-28 23:59:34 by tehslaphappy

New comedian of the month, in case you didn't catch that I've been doing this just to help you guys see some newer, cooler comedians and what not.

Anthony Jeselnik is one dark, hilarious comedian. If you like one liner comedians that tickle your fancy, this comedian rips the fancy to make it look super horrendous. woop woop. Get his CD 'Shakespeare'. It's the first CD I've ever bought. Do not regret.

now vidz.


As for flash and stuff, I'll be focusing on this Hip Hip Competition for the duration, so as soon as I'm out after the first round, flash will be in the works. Maybe. Whatever. Go help the cause and post here to vote!

Also, if things go right, I'll be doing some stand up at an open mic next week. MAYBE I'LL BE FUNNY, BUT HIGHLY DOUBTFUL.


Anthony Jeselnik.

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2011-02-24 20:35:44 by tehslaphappy

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