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More Hannibal.

2011-02-12 10:10:00 by tehslaphappy

check it.

2011-02-10 23:28:57 by tehslaphappy

o O o

check it.

Hannibal Buress.

2011-02-01 00:00:26 by tehslaphappy

Really funny guy, you guys should check him out. Another comedian I've been inspired by and his material is awesome. Pick up his CD 'My Name Is Hannibal', I got it and love every minute of it.

In flash related news: I should be working on a new SLOD with Jon sometime this month, hope for the best.

Happy Black History Month.

- Slap

Hannibal Buress.

Mitch Hedberg.

2011-01-14 16:24:22 by tehslaphappy

That is all.

Btw, check out Jon's new flash here.

Leave him some criticism and tips to get better because I suck at helping people.

okay bye.

Mitch Hedberg.

Sup girls.

2011-01-02 03:35:43 by tehslaphappy

What's happenin'?

Sup girls.

Another Christmas Quickie!

2010-12-25 01:18:45 by tehslaphappy

Hey sexy users! I've been working all day on this and I hope you like it! It's another christmas quickie by me! I asked my homie EJR to help me out with Santa so look at his cool stuff too!


So yeah, go watch the movie and five it and have a merry Christmas!

I'm Jewish.

Another Christmas Quickie!


2010-12-16 15:10:29 by tehslaphappy

Recently I acquired a PlayStation 3, and it's pretty baller.

PSN: TehSlapHappy

That's all for now!

Back to normal.

2010-11-28 13:31:17 by tehslaphappy

I miss Timmy.

Back to normal.

First off, I won an AWARD for this flash. It is a collaboration between Father-of-Death and myself featuring Timmy the Tree!

Also, I just released the 10th SlapHappy Quickie. Which is kinda lame since it didn't come out how I wanted, but regardless, I'm back to making Quickies again. So yeah, enjoy these movies.

- Slap.

A SlapHappy Quickie #10 also AWARD!

Username Change List

2010-11-22 00:20:26 by tehslaphappy

This list is purely for my sake, so I can keep track of everyone.

wreckages = Jon
RobotTaco = Odio
Esshole = Narcissy
Diddy = PeterM
ChocEliteBar = Drake
Digital-Terror = Cordyceps
GoldenT00ns = Prodigy
Frank-The-Hedgehog = Fluffington
stick101 = logic
GodsBitch = Dean
stickman08 = Yert
JustinB6 = Drony
NinjaDonut = Donut
Lagamuffin = Oliver
Yamor = Cootie
xXShortEmoKidXx = Scarface
Ss2-teen-gohan-ss2 = Impornant
I-rule-over-all = Heretic-Anchorite
Dante-Son-Of-Sparda = Tony-DarkGrave
flashwarrior = Boss
GayForGirls = Damien
RKthrilla = Alaska
Corky52 = Fro
TSstudios = DannyJay
Molotov = illuminate
rorypearce94 = Rory
Itsbroken2 = BrokenPaw
ShadowWest2k7 = ShadowWest
Headshot777 = Irrelephant
MissingNYC = DevourerJay
PrivateJoker92 = MattyT
Guest8792 = Urban-Champion
rahvin-the-vampire = Senmetsu
Sk8erGirl14 = amanda
LoKoCoCo = CoCo
Ejit = EjitinToadForm
bloodspade = Mason
FunnyStuff707 = SimpleStuff
kaywire = Armour
Madnessfreak = Shade
Jerrid22 = NerdLiife
Niloc14 = Colin
KevnSevn = Kevin
XxRobJohnsonxX = RobJohnson
Aerosmith220 = SteelChair
domo48 = Domo
pie4me6 = Ptero
Twilight95 = Twilight
EJRProductions = EJR
THEJamoke = Jamoke

God some of these are horrible name changes. I mean...damn.

If you aren't on here, I either don't know about your name change, or I don't recognize you by your old name nor your new name. PM me with some proof of who you were (like someone quoting you in an old thread) and I'll add you.